Here I share wise words and clever practices from those close to me.


"What's the best bread? It's the one you have!"


Paul is an amazing, old-school gardener and bee-keeper, amongst other things. A farm boy, growing up in rural Switzerland in the wake of the World Wars he's economising, clever and tough.

At his home in Hobart, Paul has a dual bin compost set up. The unique thing about Paul's compost arrangement is that he has set it up so he can collect the excess liquid that drains off the compost (a combination of run-off from the decaying material and worm wee, I assume) and use it continually as a liquid fertiliser.

Paul's dual bin brick and timber excess liquid capturing composting arrangement.
Paul's dual bin brick and timber excess liquid capturing composting arrangement.

Paul puts all sorts of organic matter into his compost. He covers the heap as he builds it up with lucerne hay, which he also uses as a ground cover on his veggie patch.

Besides the lucerne and another homemade liquid fertiliser (more on that later), Paul adds nothing to his garden. The soil in his veggie patch teems with worms and the veggies are healthy, robust and delicious.


Nourish your body from the outside in: our skin is a permeable two way street. Bodily excretions depart carried by sweat and dry skin. Water and other substances can be absorbed through the skin. Linda knows this well: when it rains, she goes outside and rubs her hands on the soft leaves of trees and shrubs that have caught the rainwater. She then rubs this rainwater on her face and through her hair. What a way to wake up: if one has the luxury of an accessible garden, why not do this rather then head to the wash basin for a face wash?

Similarly, if Linda ends up with juice from fresh fruit on her hands, such as oranges, lemons or limes, she wipes it into her skin. When she has a sore or bruise on her skin, she'll frequently rub lime directly on it. Researchers are now looking into the therapeutic benefits of topical application of vitamin C. Linda need not wait for their consensus: she's been doing it for decades, and not just with isolated vitamin C, but with the full, yet to be entirely discovered, gamut of substances that come packaged in fresh fruits.

Make your white washing whiter: Another gem from Linda, who's a wizard when it comes to colour and fabric. If you wash your light washing separately, then consider putting in blues with the whites. The dye that runs from the blues actually makes the whites look whiter.