Coronavirus and its vaccines

This was originally going to be an email to my sister, with some facts on covid-19 and the 'vaccines' touted in Australia to protect from it. The intention, with talk in Australia and also New Zealand now steering towards the treatment of children, is for her to choose to not have her children injected with either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca products. I hope she will see and you will see, there are risks coupled with no benefit for children, and for us adults, the risks outweigh any potential benefits.

The bulk of the information here is provided by German biochemist, Jobst Landgrebe, in an interview he had with New Zealand group Voices for Freedom on the 28th of June. I've chopped up the recording and picked out the good bits for those that are time poor, or more likely, screen saturated.

Firstly, introducing Jobst Landgrebe:

What I've learned:

  • The coronavirus family of viruses has members which are endemic (widespread) in human populations and have been for thousands of years. These viruses are often responsible for the common cold.
Even our furry companions have to deal with coronaviruses!
  • Many of us are likely to have natural immunity against covid-19 via a process called ‘cross-immunity’, where our immune systems spot covid-19 as an unwanted intruder due to their previous experience in dealing with other members of the coronavirus family.
  • The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) covid-19 test developed in Germany and used in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere as the primary form of covid-19 ‘case’ diagnosis is not accurate. When used on subjects without symptoms, it is bound to deliver 'useless' positives.
  • Further, the PCR test lends itself to results tampering as the cycle count (CT) tolerance is at the labs and regulators discretion. Simply put, the CT is the ‘magnification’ required to find a trace of DNA that could be from the covid-19 virus. Experts suggest that if the cycle count is high enough than a positive result is guaranteed: a current infection with covid-19 is not! The test also cannot discern between dead traces of the virus and those that are live and propagating.
  • People without symptoms cannot effectively spread the virus, you need very close contact (eg: an adult kiss) or contact for an extended period (eg: in the family home).
  • Regular healthy children are at little if no risk from covid-19 and are poor spreaders of it. ‘Vaccinating’ children with the treatments currently on offer (ie: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, J&J) cannot be justified.
  • Data from The Netherlands shows that 1 in 25 000 people die within two weeks of being ‘vaccinated’ against covid-19. Other vaccines kill 1 in 5 000 000. The currently available covid-19 injection, technically speaking, are not vaccines, with biochemist Jobst Landgrebe labelling them ‘immunogenic (immune provoking) substances with moderate toxicity’.
  • The mRNA injections (eg: Pfizer /Comirnaty and Moderna/Spikevax) are the worst of the lot due to their method of action. Anyone who takes these vaccines is willingly participating in a biological experiment of enormous proportions.
  • The delta (Indian origin) variant is more infectious than the original Wuhan variant. It's also considerably less likely to cause death. This follows the general trend expected in virology (ie: as they mutate viruses generally become more contagious but less deadly) and this can now be observed with the statistics coming in on delta...

Ok, that's it for now. It's ten past four in the morning and I've been at it too long. There's much more to share and discuss but we'll have to save that for part 2...

Sister, I hope that I've convinced you to not vaccinate your kids against covid-19: the current injections are poorly tested biological experiments at best. As we've heard, healthy children are not at risk from covid-19, are poor transmitters of the virus - as are symptom free adults! - and can quite happily be left to acquire robust natural immunity.

Dr Alison Goodwin succinctly argues the case for New Zealand against mass and coerced vaccination, the same very much applies here in Australia: